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Department of Natural Resources

Programme in Agriculture (are designed with the general aim of training broad-bases and practical (farmoriented) agriculture graduates who can adequately provide required solutions in the various problems facing crops. Livestock and fish production as well as forestry problems. All the three programmes have common 100 and 200 levels courses. From 300 leve, Forestry and Fishery students separate to their individual programmes. The Agricultural students will have common courses up to 300 level. At the 300 level, they will break into options of their choices among the following: (a) Agricutural Economics & Extension, (b) Animal Science and (c) Crop & Soil Science Options. To ensure adequate exposure to farm practice, the 400 level is devoted to farm practice with minimal teaching

Department Modules

ACC 101 Principles of Accounting 1
ACC102 Principles of Accounting 2
ACC 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting 1
ACC 203 Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting
ACC202 Introduction to Financial Accounting 2
ACC 204 Taxation 1
ACC 206 Auditing 1
ACC 301 Financial Accounting 1
ACC 303 Cost Accounting
ACC 307 Quantitative Techniques 1
ACC 309 Auditing 2
ACC 302 Financial Accounting 2
ACC304 Management Accounting
ACC306 Company Law
ACC308 Quantitative Techniques 2
ACC310 Research Method
ACC 401 Advanced Financial Accounting 1
ACC 403 Auditing and Investigation 1
ACC 405 Taxation and fiscal policy 1
ACC 407 Public Sector Accounting 1
ACC 411 Financial Reporting and Accounting Theory
ACC406 Taxation and fiscal policy 2
ACC408 Public Sector Accounting 2
ACC412 Research
BAF 101 Introduction to Business Finance 1
BAF102 Introduction to Business Finance 2
BAF201 Element of Banking 1
BAF202 Element of Banking 2
BAF 301 Practice of Banking
BAF 307 Banking Laws and Regulation
BAF 309 Project Evaluation
BAF 302 Comparative Banking
BAF 304 Banking Method and Practices
ACC 309 Oil and gas accounting
ACC 207 Computer Application and appreciation
ACC104 Introduction to Finance
ACC208 Business Communications (ACC)
ACC 314 Accounting Ethics
ACC 402 Advances financial accounting 2
ACC404 Auditing and investigation 2
ACC410 International Accounting
ACC313 Accounting Ethics (ACC314)
ACC402 Advanced Finincial Accounting 2
ACC204 Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting 2
ACC312 Elements of government (ACC)
ACC206 Business and social statistics
BUS301 SEM2 Human Resource Management (SEM 2)

Department Staff